A game that has the potential to be addictive and competitive, but unfortunately, it’s infuriatingly arduous to play thanks to its hindering factors. Bowmasters is a fun little mobile game that takes me back to the days of playing Tanks in school. The objective is to throw your object at the opponent’s character and attempt … Continue reading Bowmasters

Purple Scar, Purple Scar

In this episode, Conall and Josh ranted about how good Fortnite is, as per... We talked about Yakuza, Celeste, Ratchet and Clank and a few more fun titles we've been playing. Oh yeah, and Conall sucks at The Guessy Guessy Game Game Game.

PUBG Mobile

As an addicted and dedicated player of Fortnite, I am was fully aware of the possibility that I would fall in love with Pub G from the off. I had dabbled with it on the PC, playing a handful of matches and thoroughly enjoying them. It’s a nice sense of realism that isn’t offered with … Continue reading PUBG Mobile

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a simple first person shooter for mobile devices. The game contains a lot of common FPS tropes, you have a variety of weapons to choose from: Assault rifles, machine guns, snipers and pistols. It also has loot crates that you can unlock for new gear. of course, you can purchase these … Continue reading Guns of Boom

The Difficult 3rd Album

Conall and Josh discuss Call of Duty WW2, Bloodborne (again), Dark Souls, South Park Phone Destroyer and the Chaotic Worms WMD. There's also talks of what to look forward to in 2018 and a new game that everyone can join in with at home.


As a fan of magic the gathering I was skeptical heading into Hearthstone. Yet, it managed to evade disappointment. It plays in a similar fashion to the classical magic card game but it is decisively more accessible. A great entry point for new starters within this genre and it manages to remain competitive and diverse … Continue reading Hearthstone