Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a simple first person shooter for mobile devices. The game contains a lot of common FPS tropes, you have a variety of weapons to choose from: Assault rifles, machine guns, snipers and pistols. It also has loot crates that you can unlock for new gear. of course, you can purchase these … Continue reading Guns of Boom

My Name is Mayo

So, I played through this on PS VITA. I say played, I don't actually know if this qualifies as a game. There's not much of a playing aspect involved. There's not a huge amount to say about this. The game itself is clicking on a jar of mayonnaise. You unlock a selection of outfits and … Continue reading My Name is Mayo

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo dropped a new announcement yesterday. The Nintendo Labo. After expectations of a digital library of Nintendo classics, the announcement was met with mixed opinions. An attempt to introduce augmented reality to the home, a crossover of technologies. Aimed at a younger audience and a hobbyist’s dream, the Labo kits allow you to create cardboard … Continue reading Nintendo Labo

Call of Duty: WWII

Quite possibly, the most visually outstanding game I’ve ever played. Call of Duty WWII’s campaign offers everything a COD game should. This might be my favourite Call of Duty game since World at War (2008). Now I’m very aware of my prejudice towards thematical settings in war games, clearly, I’m partial to a world war … Continue reading Call of Duty: WWII


As a fan of magic the gathering I was skeptical heading into Hearthstone. Yet, it managed to evade disappointment. It plays in a similar fashion to the classical magic card game but it is decisively more accessible. A great entry point for new starters within this genre and it manages to remain competitive and diverse … Continue reading Hearthstone