A game that has the potential to be addictive and competitive, but unfortunately, it’s infuriatingly arduous to play thanks to its hindering factors.


Bowmasters is a fun little mobile game that takes me back to the days of playing Tanks in school. The objective is to throw your object at the opponent’s character and attempt to deplete their health before they can do that same thing to you. Pretty simple, and that’s all it needs to be. The mechanics are well weighted and the art style and level of gore are a perfect balance for creating a visually pleasing game.


You unlock characters as you go, a lot of them are references to pop-culture. You’ve got Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Deadpool and plenty of other fun recognisable references. All of them have a unique weapon and finishing move, which only adds to the desire to unlock more of them. When you finally kill an enemy, it will go to a Mortal Kombat style ending and ask you to “Finish Them”. Nailing a finishing hit will give your character a brutality finishing move, and personally, I think this is the best part of the game. Just like when you play Mortal Kombat, in Bowmasters, you get an itch to try and see all the characters’ finishing moves.


The problem with this game is not actually to do with the gameplay at all, other than the frame rate dropping every so often, the game itself is fun and pleasant. It has multiple modes to hone your ability, such as a bird shooting minigame which swaps out all of your available weapons and helps you get used to each one’s distinctive throwing style. The problem is the fact that this game uses every possible marketing technique to try and get you to spend money on it. To the point, in which you can’t press the screen without it loading out into an advert. It’s almost laughable at the number of adverts there are crammed into this game. I genuinely think you spend more time watching them than playing. There are even adverts on the screen whilst you’re playing. But alas, of course there is an option for you to pay £4 to remove all of this.


But unfortunately, it wouldn’t stop there.  The game also contains loot crate features to unlock more characters and items, this is fine of course, but every time you open one it prompts you to do something to get another. There is an endless amount of button prompts to get you to upgrade to a full membership and even the buttons to select that skip past this are faded so they are slightly more difficult to see. This game is shamelessly in your face with the amount of paid for extras you can grab. I honestly don’t mind them in most games but when it is to this extent the game is almost unplayable, and it only makes me want to pay for these things less.

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