With the announcement of Firewatch coming to Switch, I decided it was time to write a few words about one of my favourite games of the last few years.

Firewatch is the video game equivalent to reading a good book. It creates a fantastical tale that develops and unravels in your head faster than it does in front of you. A game shrouded in mystery, romance, conspiracy… disaster; Firewatch is a game that I would urge every Switch player to buy.


The art style is beautiful; it completely grasps your attention and contains it so that you won’t want to stop playing, and for this, we can thank Olly Moss (who has designed some of my favourite star wars posters to date). The writing is phenomenal, a story that is in equal measures charming and fervent. But honestly, the thing in this game that completely blew me away was the voice acting. I have never played something that made me stop and phone somebody to tell them how good the voice acting in a game was, until Firewatch.


You play as Henry, a Fire Lookout in Shoshone National Forest. You are learning the ropes and your main point of contact is Delilah, She will help guide you through your early days and you can watch a relationship unfurl through the conversations that are had on the walky-talky. It’s such an impressive way to develop and build the communication; it adds layers and depths to the following mystery and intrigue.


As the story develops you can choose the ways in which you want to approach on-going tasks, but the game begins to take a turn from practice as a Fire Lookout. Clues start to emerge and things start to get strange, and this is really where your mind starts to wander. Is it a conspiracy, collusion, corruption? What is going on in Shoshone? Who can you trust? As you pace around the forest your findings become more confusing and honestly, I haven’t been that engulfed by a story for years, through any form of media.


If you own a Switch and aren’t thinking about getting this game, then you are making a mistake. It’s a game that I will never forget and even writing this is making me want to play through it once more. Do yourself a favour, and play Firewatch.

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