Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank gave exactly what I wanted it to, and maybe a little bit more. A game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, in fact, it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. It feels like a Disney film with a bit of attitude and plenty of sarcasm to boot. Snippets of social commentary about modern-day stereotypes like bloggers and sports stars, and a flood of funny dialogue about the game that breaks the 4th wall. When you first meet The Plumber Ratchet mentions that there’s a feeling of recognition and the plumber states that they haven’t met before, then when you eventually part ways he says that he’ll see you next time there’s a reboot.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20180330224359.jpg

The game itself is perfect if you’re looking to play something that isn’t particularly stressful. It’s a casual game that has enough variety to keep you hooked all the way through; and even further. There are a plethora of weapons and they are all crazier than the last. You start out with a standard selection such as the Ratchet and Clank version of a pistol and grenade to the more extreme Sheepinator (which does exactly what you think it does) and the Groovitron, which forces enemies into dancing against their will. The Groovitron is actually really fun, every enemy has a unique dance sequence and when used in combination with the Glove of Doom (which sends a flurry of exploding minions to destroy your enemies) you can sit back and enjoy the carnage.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20180331013735.jpg

The progression system scales brilliantly, as you level your health increases, but what really makes it fun is the way you can level your weapons. They all level individually and you have to select where you want to spend your points. Each weapon has a selection of upgrades and they really do make a difference. Take the predator launcher for example. It starts out as a relatively standard rocket launcher and once you’ve fully upgraded it, it has the ability to fire multiple missiles that then continue to explode and release a flurry of even smaller missiles. When you reach the later stages of the game and face a horde of enemies, using this weapon creates a barrage of chaos.

Ratchet & Clank™_20180311184655

The story is charming and funny; it has diversity and allows you to play as both Ratchet (the cocky but loveable Lombax) and Clank (the Warbot defect, that seems to have a superior level of intelligence to all the other Warbots that you encounter). Not only that, but it offers a huge amount of replay value. Once you complete the game you unlock challenge mode, this gives you the opportunity to play through the game again with multipliers and a whole new level of weapon upgrades, making the chaos even more chaotic than it was before. Alongside that, you can find a selection of cards, which I am a sucker for. Once you complete each set you gain new unlocks and increased drops for upgrade items. Playing through from the beginning with a full set of weapons is more than enough to keep it fresh and fun.

Ratchet & Clank™_20180311224128

Don’t sit on this game if you got it for free on PSN+ last month, it has charm and entertainment value in equal measures. A pleasure to play.

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