PUBG Mobile

As an addicted and dedicated player of Fortnite, I am was fully aware of the possibility that I would fall in love with Pub G from the off. I had dabbled with it on the PC, playing a handful of matches and thoroughly enjoying them. It’s a nice sense of realism that isn’t offered with Fortnite. Vehicles being a huge game changer, giving the opportunity to fly across the map in a buggy or hunt down pathetic players whilst they flee to safety.


So, when I realised that Pub G was coming to mobile, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to seriously sink some time into it. The first few matches went surprisingly well, I managed to drop a couple of players with different weapons and managed to get my head around the controls with ease.


As expected, there are a few issues with playing such an expansive game, in terms of scope and systems. There are a lot of buttons on the screen, some of which I struggled to hit accurately with my apparently gigantic thumbs. I also fired around 20 accidental shots throughout my first game. This is concerning because it obviously led to my position being compromised along with a serious ammo drought. A combination that is not ideal for a newcomer. Nevertheless, I did manage to get two chicken dinners (wins) within my first 5 games.


The shooting system works well when you intentionally mean to fire at enemies. It feels great and the weapon variety keeps it fresh. I enjoy the system of finding weapons and attachments separately, it means even if you find the same weapons there’s still a sense of variety within the game.


I would recommend this to anyone, for a mobile game it is incredibly vast and impressive to look at. It’s readjusted my expectations of what mobile games are capable of. It runs well and has a regulated progression system. The biggest and most pressing issue with PUBG Mobile is that it isn’t really a portable game. After completing one match that took about 15 minutes I had lost over 45% of my battery. If you’re looking to use your phone for its primary function then playing this on the go will require getting a second phone, an approach that may now be necessary for PUBG gamers and drug dealers.

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