Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a simple first person shooter for mobile devices. The game contains a lot of common FPS tropes, you have a variety of weapons to choose from: Assault rifles, machine guns, snipers and pistols. It also has loot crates that you can unlock for new gear. of course, you can purchase these with real currency.


It’s a simple game that features a handful of maps, although not technically an incredible game it fills the role that I mostly want mobile games to fill. Matches take around 5-10 minutes and you can jump into matches quickly with no issues. This makes it perfect to kill ten minutes whilst waiting for a bus etc.

It unites players from across the globe in online only pvp matchmaking. You have to defeat the opposing team by earning points for your kills. You using your touch screen and have the ability to scope in with the buttons on the right side of your screen, along with grenades and health packs which can both be obtained through your crate drops.


It’s competitive and runs well, it has an auto-fire system, so once you have an enemy in your sights it will begin firing immediately unless they are out of range. you can also get up close and personal with knife kills.

Going forward I would love to see more maps installed into the game, overall this is a decent free game that is available on all mobile device platforms.

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