My Name is Mayo

So, I played through this on PS VITA. I say played, I don’t actually know if this qualifies as a game. There’s not much of a playing aspect involved.

My Name is Mayo_20171108114413

There’s not a huge amount to say about this. The game itself is clicking on a jar of mayonnaise. You unlock a selection of outfits and completing a certain number of clicks on each outfit unlocks a new one and furthers the story. Although it’s not much of a story.


It’s mildly amusing, but that doesn’t get you far. I would only recommend this game to trophy hunters, it may be the easiest platinum I’ve ever achieved. Once you’ve unlocked all of the costumes you have to click the mayo jar 10,000 times and bang, the platinum is yours. It costs 99p on the PSN store (which is the reason I purchased it) so you can’t really complain about not getting your money’s worth.

In conclusion, this is not a great game, but it doesn’t need to be for the price.

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