Nintendo Labo

Nintendo dropped a new announcement yesterday. The Nintendo Labo. After expectations of a digital library of Nintendo classics, the announcement was met with mixed opinions.

An attempt to introduce augmented reality to the home, a crossover of technologies. Aimed at a younger audience and a hobbyist’s dream, the Labo kits allow you to create cardboard constructions including: steering wheels, pedals, fishing rods, houses, pianos and robots.


I think this is a brave expansion for Nintendo and I’m not convinced it’s going to be a huge money maker, but it’s different. I love the idea of constructing your own world via the switch, it’s innovative and inventive. I’m hoping the games available for it will offer a lot more than a selection of mini games, but to begin with, the crafting and designing aspects of this development separate it from anything that its competitors offer.


A huge step in a new direction and if anybody can pull it off it will be Nintendo. I’d like to see some classic IPs introduced to the Labo, especially using the steering wheel in Mario Kart. I’de heard rumours of a VR patent being taken out for the Switch and looking at the possibilities available for the Labo, this could be the beginning of it. The mech suit looks spectacular, a series of rubber bands and carefully constructed mechanisms inside will give the feel of resistance and the Joycon already have an incredible amount of sensitivity.

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