Destiny 2

Loot, lore and limitless conflict. Destiny 2 seems to have learnt from the shortcomings of its predecessor (pre-DLC). After a hasty race to level 20 we found ourselves engaged and immersed in the story of a universe that the first game failed to explore.

The story missions in Destiny 2 offer a glimpse in to a universe that has the potential to be boundless. A galaxy of tales waiting to be told. A scripture of legends waiting to unfold.

Destiny 2_20171114234018.jpg

There’s a longing to find out more about the races you face throughout the game. As we played through we could only find ourselves thinking about novels being written about the perilous journeys of Guardians travelling through space to vanquish various ominous foes with the power of the light.


The game itself offers a huge variety in gear that the first game seemed to lack; again all of these comparisons are pre-DLC. Completing public events and adventure missions are not only rewarding but genuinely entertaining. The diversity of available munitions is endlessly addictive and finding an exotic weapon that you enjoy the feel of is incredibly satisfying. You can then break down more powerful weapons of lower class but higher power to keep on improving your chosen armament of destruction.

Destiny 2_20171114195140.jpg

The class options and abilities give malleable elements to your gameplay and even working with a group of only Hunter class Guardians you can see a plethora of playing styles at use.


Playing through Strikes offers a welcome challenge and as the Loot the Truth team found… communication is a necessity.


The crucible is, yet again, full of excitement. It harps back to nostalgic feelings of playing classic halo games and offers rewards that can be utilised not only in the PVP section but also throughout your whole journey of the Destiny universe.

Destiny 2_20171108222137.jpg

The formidable Ghaul is an enigmatic looming villain that possesses The Almighty. A super weapon capable of destroying, well everything. He’s the leader of the red legion and has a certain prowess about his villainy. The visuals are stunning and armor designs feel similar to that of the Warhammer 40k universe, with some subtle and welcome finishing touches. Ghauls head mentor and chief ass-kisser has a Guardian helmet hanging from his necklace, another glimpse into a universe further than that which we are experiencing.

Destiny 2_20171116233151

Destiny 2 is frantic and fun. It encapsulates the universe tremendously and we can’t wait to see what the first installation of DLC has to offer.

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