In the modern age of gaming it’s become increasingly difficult to find impressive couch co-op titles. However, Recently there has been a surge of them cropping up, and the crown jewel of these recent games for us is Overcooked.

This frantic kitchen nightmare gives you the option to play as a variety of characters, like a raccoon in a wheelchair, as you scramble together the ingredients for customers in some of the most inappropriately designed kitchens you will ever see.

Destiny 2_20171104133724

A giant onion man-thing takes you on a culinary journey through a diverse selection of worlds. You will experience cooking burgers on a motorway in a dynamic kitchen that’s built over two vehicles that separate every 30 seconds or so. Making fish and chips on an iceberg and even preparing meals for a giant spaghetti monster.


Yet, as fun and kooky as this game may be, you will find yourself putting true friendships to the test. If you and your co-op partner are recently recovering from a quarrel, then playing Overcooked should be put on the back burner.


If you have ever worked in a busy professional kitchen before, you will find yourself slipping back in to the role of a stressed chef like some sort of crazed PTSD flashback. Shouting erratically at your partner “”PASS ME A BUN BEFORE THIS F*CKING BURGER SETS FIRE TO THE KITCHEN”.


You will set fire to the kitchen by the way. And panic and arguments will inevitably ensue.

Destiny 2_20171104133659

Fast-paced and cooperatively competitive. Overcooked offers a truly fresh experience. It is a real challenge that requires communication and concentration. A game we will be playing for a long time.


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