Zombie Army Trilogy

Who knew killing Nazi zombies, in slow motion, with x-ray vision could be so fun?



Zombie Army Trilogy_20171028172852

My ambition in this game was clear. From the first time I experienced the slow motion bullet cinematic and watched the skull of a Nazi zombie explode into fragments, I knew I had to headshot zombie Hitler.


Zombie Army Trilogy provides exciting and at points challenging gameplay. It runs like a classic style arcade game and is enjoyable played co-operatively, but as ever couch co-op is not an option in the modern day gaming world.


There are multiple types of zombies. You have your standard mindless drone… just about alive enough to walk in your general direction. Skeletons that are so feeble they quite literally explode when you kick them. Gun wielding zombies that spray randomly and often hit each other; undead snipers with pinpoint accuracy and then you have the mini-bosses.


These mini-bosses are where the game presents its most difficult challenges. It’s almost laughable how many headshots an elite zombie will take. Yet there is something proudly satisfying about luring them into a nest of mines and dynamite that you strategically placed around a hidden corner.

Zombie Army Trilogy_20171028172907

This game falls short during the cut scenes. The sound design is confusingly bad, the disparity between volumes is hugely disappointing, and it feels unfinished throughout these moments.

You can choose to play as a few different characters but they don’t offer any variety other than aesthetics and a bit of interesting lore.


Yet, on a positive not I found the load-out system helpful and innovative. You choose a weapon for each slot: sniper, side arm and pistol; then you have a points system in place to limit your explosives selection.


It took me a while to complete the whole game, you get a reasonable amount of story mode gameplay and there’s a horde mode in place that provides fun for an intense multiplayer survival session. Surprisingly the slow motion bullet cinematic, a lot like the sniper elite sister titles, doesn’t get boring. It also gives you the option to skip them if you do grow tired of watching them. But honestly, it’s endlessly entertaining.

Zombie Army Trilogy_20171028172239

After hours of massacring my way through waves of decaying Nazi flesh I finally found myself in the dark layers of Hitler’s evil bunker. The grim aesthetic was harrowing, with heads on spikes and medieval style chambers you get an overwhelming sense of dread.


I was finally going to fulfill my mission; I was going to watch a bullet pierce through the cranium of the almighty lord of all evil… undead Hitler. To my surprise he summoned a giant version of himself that did, well… not a lot really. I then had to carry a few corpses and cast them into a pit of fire, which eventually turned the giant abomination to stone.


This was my moment. Zombie Hitler was exposed. In a moment of shock, he came charging at me close quarters. I kicked him back and he fell over, so I charged and kicked him whilst he was down, and that was when it happened.


His head came off.


His head just… came off.


And he was dead.


And that was it. I won, I think. Yet somehow it didn’t really feel like it.

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